What we do

Gobo Concepts is a French to English translation and layout team united by a common mission:

We're out to prove that a translation can be just as clever, polished and visually stunning as the original.

Even more importantly, we believe that anyone reading a translation deserves to enjoy the full experience that was so meticulously designed and executed for those lucky native-language readers. (Otherwise, it's like George Clooney speaking with the voice of Homer Simpson - the second he opens his mouth, the spell is broken.)

Who we are

Lisa Molle Troyer is an ATA-certified translator and conference interpreter. Much to the relief of her family and friends, this socially acceptable outlet for her lifelong language obsession has put an end to (most) semantic debates over dinner.

Since earning her Master's degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Lisa has translated everything from Dior's Backstage Journal to software implementation guides and the latest cookbook by La Maison du Chocolat. Her greatest professional thrill is when clients are so smitten with a translation that they go back and tweak the original text.

Max Troyer has a background in computer programming, and his first professional experience was as a technology business consultant. From there he went on to get his Master's degree in French translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. After graduate school, he worked for a few years as a project manager at a translation agency. When he combined all three of these experiences - business consulting, translation and project management - the result was Gobo, where he handles multilingual layout and engineering.

Nothing bothers Max more than a double space in the middle of a sentence.

+1 (831) 406-1360 | hello@goboconcepts.com | Monterey, CA